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Adding 3D File Types and Animation

  Adding 3D File Types and Animation Planned from the start, Zest3D was to incorporate industry standard libraries and support for CPU physics, image handling and 3D model/animation support. To achieve this we understood that we would need to make

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Zest3D Community and Roadmap

  Zest3D Featured By Adobe After months of collaboration, we have officially been featured on the Adobe game frameworks website. This is a great move to a more open Flash platform and has enabled us to commit fully to the

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AGAL2 is here 2

This article is a continuation from my original ‘AGAL2 is Here’ blog post. For anyone who may have missed my introduction to the new features of AGAL2, you can head over to the original article at:   More AGAL2

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AGAL2 is here

After a bit of a start and stop first round, the Adobe team recently stated that they were back and working on the AGAL2 specification, a feature that was previously available in an earlier beta version of the Flash player,

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Response from Adobe 2

I’m happy that say that I got a response to my last message to Chris Campbell (@liquidate) regarding the lack of developer PR from Adobe and he asked for feedback that could help with regards to developers and teams marketing their

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Response from Adobe

A couple of days ago, I posted an open letter to Adobe which outlined developer concerns about the lack of PR and future roadmaps of the Adobe Flash and Air technologies in favour of their HTML5 based tools. This was

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Open Letter to Adobe

Re: The following message was originally posted on facebook: Hi Loni, firstly, thank you for your response to questions. I was a developer of the Away3D TypeScript HTML5 project which was funded by Adobe. I wrote my own Flash/Air

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Zest3D Real-time Demo

  Creative 3D I’ve always been captivated by the talented artists that create demoscene 3D visual art and audio. I’ve watched and listened to both chiptunes and followed retro graphic demos for many years all the way through to modern

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Away3D TypeScript at Mosaic3DX

Away3D are preparing to present at Mosaic3DX, a science and technology conference that focuses on imaging, visualization and 3D graphics systems. Away3D will present a one hour-long session and will then be available for discussion and demos in the exhibitors hall

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Away3D TypeScript 4

Away3D TypeScript Dev 4   After an amazing 4.1 alpha launch, Away3D Typescript gained wonderful reception from the developer and web communities. Thanks to all the people who have contacted me to offer their positive feedback. With this in mind,

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