Away3D TypeScript 2


Away3D TypeScript Dev 2

After the fantastic response to my last blog post, I decided to post a progress update. Karim and myself have been busy working on new features, model importing, lighting and AGAL shader systems. Steady progress has been made and today, I’m pleased to be able to show our first scene demo. The demo is running on the full Away3D TypeScript stack.


One key goal of the TypeScript project was to allow existing Away3D projects to easily migrate to HTML5 and WebGL, ensuring that existing AGAL effects would move seamlessly to the TypeScript platform, without modification, and generally enabling developer workflow to remain consistent across platforms. With that in mind, care has been taken to ensure that the APIs remain consistent and that Away3D and AS3 users and developers can take full advantage of familiar class packages. The new framework will also allow developers to seamlessly integrate GLSL shader effects that weren’t possible before.

What Next?

We are now very focussed on continuing to provide additional framework capabilities and code stability. We are working on demos and example projects that will focus our efforts towards testing and additional features.

Demo (Requires WebGL)

Gary Paluk


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