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Zest3D Real-time Demo

  Creative 3D I’ve always been captivated by the talented artists that create demoscene 3D visual art and audio. I’ve watched and listened to both chiptunes and followed retro graphic demos for many years all the way through to modern

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Away3D Typescript 4.1 Alpha

Away3D TypeScript Alpha 4.1 Release I’m excited to announce that Away3D TypeScript 4.1 is now in Alpha. Some additional developer resources are also available from the official Away3D TypeScript homepage:   Other Announcements The release of Away3D for TypeScript

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Away3D TypeScript 3

Away3D TypeScript Dev 3 After some weeks now, Karim and myself are fast approaching the first major milestone of Away3D TypeScript development. When we originally scoped this project, I gave myself some very steep learning goals. I had never written

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What is Zest3D

Zest3D is a super fast, cross-platform, 3D engine that supports modern programmable GPU render techniques and advanced 3D engine features. Zest3D is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Desktop, Facebook, Ouya, Nook, Blackberry Playbook etc (see below for all platforms). Zest3D also helps you

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