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Zest3D Featured By Adobe

After months of collaboration, we have officially been featured on the Adobe game frameworks website. This is a great move to a more open Flash platform and has enabled us to commit fully to the platform and start focusing our efforts on making Zest3D the free and open-source Stage3D engine of choice. Zest3D was built on clear goals and professional engine foundations, as well as our focus on targeting mobile devices from the very start. Today, Zest3D provides some of the fastest possible rendering speeds for Stage3D.

Over the recent months, we have seen many of the main Stage3D engines shifting focus to other technologies or their funding being discontinued but now, thanks to Adobes support, Zest3D has received funding that will set us on our future roadmap and continue to provide you comprehensive community resources and ongoing development on the Stage3D platform. This also means that we have been hiring developers who have already started work on some of the upcoming, advanced features of the Zest3D platform. More info on this coming soon but it’s a truly exciting time for Zest3D.



We are very happy to announce that you can access the Zest3D community site today! We have provided an area for you to collaborate and learn from other Zest3D developers. You can access the Zest3D forums, your own personal wall, free assets and a fully fledged social network that will keep you connected to other community members. You can also get the support that you may need to complete your projects or just stay up-to-date with the ongoing development of Zest3D. Documentation, wikis and a video tutorial service will also be available very soon so get started today, learn about the Zest3D engine and meet other Zest3D developers by joining the community at:




We are also excited to talk about some of the upcoming features for our v1.0.0 release of Zest3D. As well as these, we have been working on features that will lay the foundations for future developments of an advanced rendering pipeline solution for Adobe Flash & Air. In the mean-time, please check out our current release roadmap over at the community site:




We would like to take this chance to thank the community members that have directly or indirectly contributed to the success of the Zest3D platform. We are working hard to provide a fast, free, open-source and professional solution for the Stage3D platform and your contributions are received with our appreciation. Prior to being featured by Adobe, Zest3D did not accept financial contributions as we did not know if Zest3D would ever be a featured engine. Now we are fully commited to the Zest3D platform and we’ve provided a donation page and recognition wall. We understand that you care about the Flash and Air platforms and if you would like to pledge, even a small donation, we will use it to directly improve Zest3D with new features, resources and content. Thank you!


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