Zest3D on the Ouya

We got the chance to present Zest3D at the Stage3D Online Conference. We had great fun and a fantastic response from developers around the world. It’s still early days but we’re continuing to incorporate many advanced 3D features for developers to use in their games, apps and creative coding projects.

Last week we were invited to present at the Ouya UK meetup and managed to get our hands on an Ouya and we decided that we would get something running on the console. We spent less than two days creating a quick and were surprised that the 3D scenes that were we sending to the little Ouya was not pushing it to its limits despite the Ouya’s low mobile specs.

Most of the buildings in our scene contain 30k – 45k polygons with no LODs and we are clipping over 50% of the geometry as we hacked in a skybox. This was a very simple demo but it definitely showed us the great potential for creating home console games using Zest3D and we’re excited to see what real artists and game studios will do with the Zest3D platform.

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