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MRT Ready

As people may know, I’ve been busy working on the Away3D TypeScript project so it’s great when I can get a moment to work on my own 3D engine project. Much of my recent work has been on MRT support and whilst this feature is not strictly available in Flash yet, I have included support since choices about MRT architecture can impact some other parts of the engine such as the structures for deferred rendering and screen targets.

I hope that the team at Adobe will make MRT available soon and I will be able to switch on that feature. You can even help by voting for this feature in the Adobe Bugbase: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3651116

Something Visual

Because MRT is not available yet, I don’t have much to show about that so I decided to add something to Zest3D that everyone can look at. Physics!

Adding physics to Zest3D was a simple task thanks to a fantastic library called Oimo, a physics/collision engine written in pure AS3. Because Oimo is written in AS3, developers can easily tweak the code as they see fit. Out of the box, Oimo has a direct one-to-one mapping with the structures of Zest3D meaning that there is very little code to bind during integration. Oimo slots together naturally making it the perfect solution for Zest3D physics and not to mention, it’s very fast.

How Fast?


Gary Paluk

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