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Creative 3D

I’ve always been captivated by the talented artists that create demoscene 3D visual art and audio. I’ve watched and listened to both chiptunes and followed retro graphic demos for many years all the way through to modern remixes and GPU based demos. I’ve always been inspired by them and hoped that one day I might understand 3D mathematics well enough that I could even make a 3D demo of my own. It has been this desire that has led me down the path of 3D graphic programming and has resulted with 3D programming being my full-time job.

A few months ago, I made a conscious commitment that, when I got some time, I would start working on a set of features that would allow developers to create 3D graphics that would be representative of demoscene style creative art. My focus would be to guide Zest3D toward creative visuals and that a new developer API would ensure that they could be implemented as simply as possible. I would also continue to focus on high performance so that these creative visuals could be seen on the widest range of mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

One Step Closer

I’m an extremely busy person and whilst I’m still yet to start work on a full blown demo using Zest3D, I am able to show you a real-time example of Zest3D running in the browser, with just a hint of demoscene style visuals. This gets me one step closer to my goal of making mathematical art more accessible and also takes me one step closer to creating my own demos.


Real-time Demo

You can see the live real-time HERE Р(Flash player 11.8 required)

It is possible to move the scene with the following keys:

  • W, A, S, D
  • Up, Down, Left, Right
  • Home, End
  • Mouse wheel


Gary Paluk

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